Behind the Fence – Friday at Daytona 24hr

Victory Celebration

Rolex 24 hour Daytona International – Friday Session

I decided to call in sick from work yesterday to head three hours north to the Motor Racing center of the universe, Daytona International Raceway.  If you follow our social media you might have caught a few post that our close friends own Team Rennsport One based in Pompano Beach, Florida.  They have won their series two years in a row in the Continental Tires Sports Car Challenge.  This year they have two entries in the series with Porsche Motorsport Cayman GT4 race cars.

We could not miss the opening race of the season so we loaded up in my buddy Ricks Mercedes E-Class CDI for a brisk commute to the track.  Thanks to Ricks lane splitting skills we made it to the track just in time to catch the opening lap on the jumbotron.

The day ended even better than it started with Team RS1 driving flag to flag and taking the top spot on the podium.  Its great to start the season with a little head start on the rest of the field and we look forward to the rest of the races this year.

I think that most photographers would much rather prefer to be inside the fence, but personally, I find it very fun and challenging to capture images from beyond the fence line.  The good part about Daytona is you can get access to almost every part of the track rather easily on foot.  With only four or so hours to capture the race, I made my way around the track trying to get at least a few good images from each vantage point.

Check out the final images and I hope you enjoy.


Continental Tires Sports Cars Challenge Daytona International Speedway 2018fernando Alonso at Daytona 24 hourrennsport one takes first at Daytona

team owner Justin B with winner co-driver DillionSpencer Pumpelly and Dillon on the podium at Daytona

Rennsport one cayman winners circle daytona


bimmerworld racing helmentaudi R8 at daytona racewayvintage porsche 911 at daytona raceway

rs1 cayman gt4 at daytona

murillo racing mercedes gt4 at daytona

vintage VW bus at daytona beach  scotch and iron limited edition hatunited by motors scotch and iron tshirtrs1 porsche cayman on the bank at daytonaaudi s3 at daytonaaudi s3 at daytona speedwayaudi r8 at daytona high bank turn onemclaren gt4 at daytonars1 cayman at daytonamurillo racing audi a3 at daytona75 audi s3 at daytona apr alpha cloneporsch cayman at daytona team rs1mercedes gt4 at daytonaporsch gt4 at the bus stop at daytona racewaycarpfaff tuning audi s3 at daytona